PSVita: The next-gen Sony portable game system

Sony's next portable called the PSVita. It features:
    alt text
  • Five-inch, 16 million colour 960x544 OLED touchscreen
  • PS3 like graphics
  • Two cameras
  • Two speakers
  • A Microphone
  • Two analogue sticks
  • Quad-core processor based on the ARM Cortex A9
  • Touch sensitive back
  • GPS
  • SIX AXIS (3 axis gyroscope, 3 axis accelerometer (As used in the Playstation Move))
  • 3 axis compass
  • WIFI and 3G
  • New flash based media
  • Only $249 for WIFI
  • Only $299 for WIFI/3G
It is due to be released at the end of the year in Japan.
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