Dead Island Special edition details

Deep Silver announced on 3rd June 2011 that there will be a Pre-Order only Special Edition Of Dead Island. It will include DLC and Artwork exclusive only to those who Pre-order it from GameStop.
You will be able to Pre-order Dead Island for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. 
Here is  part of the announcement from Deep Silver:
"The Dead Island™ Special Edition, available exclusively for early preorder customers at GameStop, will include the game and offer the upcoming BloodBath Arena DLC. A $10 value, the Bloodbath Arena pack features single and multiplayer challenges in four different arenas. It’s a pure fight for survival when wave after wave of deadly zombie attacks, one more gruesome than the next! Characters can also gain additional experience points and items and bring them over to their single or multiplayer campaigns. What’s more, players can show off their skills in zombie fighting via the Bloodbath Arena’s Leaderboards. Finally, Bloodbath Arena includes a new exclusive weapon, the brain wave bomb, to ensure some highly explosive combat experiences. The Bloodbath Arena DLC package will be available for download shortly"
The cover art is below:

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