Call Of Duty Elite Service

Now it looks like we are seeing the first glimpses of a service that Activision said two years ago will "enhance the multiplayer experience and provide exclusive access to a group of gameplay enhancements," including "early access to expansions and betas, exclusive character skins, game modes, enhanced stat tracking and "support for competitive play."

A CoD tv series has even been rumoured for subscribers to the service: Call Of Duty Tv series

The first details of Activision's much rumoured Call of Duty subscription service - set to be launched in tandem with Modern Warfare 3 - were finally revealed today.

The online service, entitled Call of Duty Elite, offers a range of features and perks for the more hardcore followers of the franchise.
Extra map packs, a Facebook-inspired social networking facility and a Halo Waypoint-style performance tracker are all part of the package - as well as all-new tournaments in which you can win real and digital prizes.
However, not all of it will be free. Activision has left us hanging on details, but has confirmed that a premium, paid-for subscription element will be optional for CoD's more hardcore fans.

The prospect of an online subscription for Call of Duty has long been rumoured.

Infinity Ward was quick to stress that "multiplayer will always be equal and free for everyone as always" as far as Modern Warfare 2 is concerned back in 2009. 

Only one question to be asked: Based on what we know so far, will you be signing up for everything Call of Duty Elite has to offer - even if it costs? 

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