Mortal Kombat DLC and fixes

Improved netcode -

NetherRealm Studios has heard the cries of pain and frustration over the caustic netcode that makes Mortal Kombat hardly playable online. Tom Brady said that a fix is coming and will help making online play more bearable. While online play in fighting games is not the absolute best way to play due to even the smallest amount of lag disrupting various combos from being executed, it does improve the life of a game with its wealth of competitors available to play against.

Fixing the bugs -

 Those that have played Mortal Kombat quite a bit may have seen a variety of glitches. Some of the glitches include the parry glitch done by Liu Kang and Johnny Cage that allows their parry moves to be used again and again while they crouch and block, and Sonya’s block infinite that can locked down an opponent after she does certain moves. While the patch on 5/20 did do some changes to help prevent these glitches from being used, this upcoming patch will actually fix the problems.

DLC - 

Tom Brady did confirm that Skarlet will be available in the next patch along with other DLC extras like costumes. When asked about future DLC characters aside from the confirmed Kenish and Skarlet, he was reluctant to speak further about possible characters released in the future."

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