Escalation Map Pack, my review :)

As you may or may not know, I'm an avid game guru along with being a tech junky :)

Well, let's jump right in!

Escalation map pack: 

  • 1200 msp
  • £10.00

This snowy map, has a quirky new interactive element, the middle of the map is dominated by one big building, there are multiple entrances to this building but the main two are large garage doors that can be shut (like the ground covers in Radiation). If someone either inside or outside, opens one of the doors an alarm sounds, alerting people to their whereabouts. It’s really useful if you are trying to protect that area in games where the enemy have you pinned in one spot.

I must admit, I had my doubts about campers using this to their advantage, but the other entrances mean anyone rushing can catch the campers off guard. The doors can kill you if they close on you! So yeah, don't stand below them, unless Sergai is around!


This map has two sides of a hotel/casino split into two with a swimming pool area in the middle. This maps interactive feature are the lifts which ONLY go up and down when people call them and are in them, meaning campers at the top of the lifts/elevators just wipe you out once the doors open! Until the campers stop watching those points, don't use the lifts/elevators.

This map lends itself to support killstreaks like the Spy-plane and Blackbird! There is way too much cover from the offensive killstreaks like the chopper gunner! A counter-spy plane is also handy to stop others from using their support killstreak on you.

In this casino, using the elevators is a gamble. Get it?! =]


The best map in my opinion. Zoo mixes up a few awesome environments, from rock tunnels to aquariums. Fighting is mainly on one level, with a few high points and the monorail giving vantage points to those willing to risk using them. This map has a balanced amount of free space and buildings, your killstreaks are your choice, this map lends itself to support killstreaks and offensive ones alike.

In this Zoo, the last thing you wanna do is monkey around.


First thing to note, for black ops, this map is pretty big! The map is dominated by the cracked road, with residential areas on either side. The long linear road and two vantage points at either end lend themselves to snipers. While the cars and side streets lend themselves to those looking to get up close and personal. This map is very open, lending itself to airstrikes and chopper gunners. I have used dogs, and found they force the enemy away from the tight side streets and into the main road, where you can mop them up from a distance.

Call of the Dead. Zombie map: 

This new zombie map stars a lot of people; George Romero (King of zombies), Danny Trejo (Machete), Robert Englund (Freddy fame), Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy fame) and Michael Rooker.

In the short opening scene you learn the back story behind why they are there, which is a welcome addition, a little story never hurts. Romero actually gets turned into a zombie who cannot be killed without the new special weapons.

Oh, speaking of special weapons:

The special weapons are the V-R11 and the Scavenger, the V-R11 turns zombies back into humans which attract zombies. The Scavenger is a mix between a sniper rifle and a crossbow (sniper + crossbow = epic win).

The shot fired hits a zombie and can kill a lot of zombies because of the explosion, much like the explosive crossbow from the online.

There is also a new perk called Deadshot Daiquiri, odd name.... however it is an extremely useful perk as it makes the aim assist to aim at the head, so make sure you have aim assist ON, also the player doesn't have to hold their breath when using sniper rifles.

This is by far the biggest zombie map released, and one of the most interesting to play. If you're an avid zombie player and don't have the map pack, you're gonna have to answer The Call of the Dead.


Overall the new map pack seems balanced and fun to play, and the new zombie map is a blast with some friends! So I think it deserves a very good:


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